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The Deadly Sin... by Aurecca The Deadly Sin... by Aurecca
A pair of serpants, encoiled over a cross, a symbol of Evil as per the bible.

I've depicted the Black serpant as the male and the White one as the female.

At the second glance, You might notice, the male serpant killing the female. A symbol of Hate, Anger, Rage and Jealousy...


Although its VERY different from my other works, i consider this my Masterpiece =P :D

I never thought it would turn out to be like this...

The only piece of art, i feel proud of.. :)
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rajadain Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2007
This is one that is worthy of a favorite.

However, I was surprised when you said that the male (black) snake is killing the female (white), and no matter how hard I look, it just doesn't seem that way. It's more like he snuggling upto her.

What I do see is the Cross, a symbol of religion and social control over the individual, coming between the male and the female, stopping them from ever truly understanding and accepting each other. Why is it that males are called dominating? Why are THEY the symbols of hate, anger, rage and jealousy? Have you never known any woman who is angry, spiteful, furious or jealous? Have you never known any man who is polite, kind, steady and open-minded?

It is the social stereotyping enforced by politico-religious groups (not just the New Testament or Christianity, ANY religion) that causes the conflict between sexes. It is the cross that stands between the black and white, the lord and lady, that makes a kiss seem like murder, and love seem like hate. So powerfully, that it hides the truth in art from the artist herself.

There is no thing as a moral or immoral work of art. It is simply well done, or badly done. This is well done, even if it's true greatness has escaped you, Aurecca.
Aurecca Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2007   Traditional Artist

what i feel great about at this very moment, is that the piece of art that i held near to myself, i draw it still closer :)

imagine.. one piece of art and so much to say for it... so many new ideas that flood out of your mind... that is what an artist seeks. an artist who wants to potray his ideas through his art. But we all have different outlooks. Different Views, that make us different from the other. i dont contradict with any other idea that opposes mine.. because with every new idea i am introduced into a new world.. enlightened with a new light..

i never draw with a specific thought in my head. never. its the pencil that guides me.. the sound of the pencil over teh paper, :D that's what i like.. following the sound i am "guided to create" something that i myself may be unaware of.

I never said the Male dominates. Or the female is lame and feeble.

To me even after it finished.. i couldnt name it.. i still am not satisfied with the name. It doesnt seem like a sin to me. But it was ginni who suggested so. the serpants are evil according to the bible. so what?! i haven't made this work thinking about what the bible says and what does it contradict!
its a simple work of art..

i see two soul coiled too...
i see them as a symbol of love too...

but then why serpants?
why not rabbits? or butterflies?!

serpants are considered evil.
no matter how much tame they'd be, poison is what they spill.

It is left to you to decide if you see it as a symbol of Union of holy Love... or a Symbol of Hate and Tyranny.
cepums Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2007
you sure have a reason to be proud of this one :)
this is as grate as "grate" can be :)
well.. the whole new testament is based on how people killed one of they kind who just was a bit different.. and i don't mean that Jesus was white.. but that cross sinks in blood from very begining..
Aurecca Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2007   Traditional Artist

The Cross ~
is it a symbol of Religion?
a Symbol of Death?
a symbol of Sacrifice?

people carry around the symbol of a cross.. the sign that signifies their lords Death.
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